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green drop earrings

I finished these earrings back in December but didn’t get to photograph them until yesterday.

The lace is made of chocolate-coloured sewing thread woven into a simple half-stitch ground. I simply love the beautiful contrast of the brown lace against the rich yet fresh grass green background of the earrings.





everlasting lace ring in turquoise, blue, and chocolate

In the beginning, there were three seemingly random materials: sterling silver wire, resin, and thread.

The lace-maker in me patiently twisted and braided the thread into a piece of bobbin lace just like my great-grandmother used to.

The eager metal-smith in me carefully shaped and finished the wire to form a durable and comfortable ring base, which the free-spirited chemist in me happily filled with custom-dyed resin.

Where past meets present; where tradition meets modernity; where science meets art — that’s where everlasting lace lives. I love knowing that there’s much more to this minimalist ring than what meets the eye.

everlasting lace ring in pearl, red, and chocolate

This ring from the Everlasting Lace series features simple round shapes and minimalist lines that guard droplets of colourful resin with an almost microscopic snippet of handmade lace suspended within.

everlasting lace

Simple, colourful resin jewelry.

Handmade, delicate bobbin lace.

What happens when these two media cross paths?

Everlasting Lace is born.

I made the earrings below sometime last October. It was sort of an experiment but it turned out so well that I felt confident giving these to my sister-in-law for her birthday.  We aren’t very close and I continue to hope she liked them. Regardless, though – making them was so wonderful! The second I gave them away I knew I’d have to make more.