make your own bobbins I.

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8 responses to “make your own bobbins I.”

  1. Lenka says :

    Nice tip, what type of material is it? Pleas :)

  2. iraida2014 says :

    Thank you for the ideal

  3. Viviane Verleye says :

    I would not have come to the idea of using wooden chopsticks, thank you ;)

  4. Lois Kiger says :

    I have made my own bobbins with chopsticks but I like to paint them with fingernail polish so I don’t get slivers from them and it keeps them smooth for the thread area.

  5. Lois Kiger says :

    I have made them with chopsticks and also with Shish-ka-bob sticks cut to length and put beads on them to make a thread area. And I like to polish them with fingernail polish to keep them smooth and keep from getting nasty bamboo slivers in my fingers.

  6. Mable Alahakoon says :

    It was my pleasure to make my set of bobbins with d soft wood grown in my garden. My brother gave his hand to each piece was cut. It was a hard job but d pleasure i was with, I thank my MUM who was encouraging me.
    Thanks to u showing & giving an idea to d beginners.

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